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Welcome to Briars Bridleways BRC RCT

Briars Bridleways was set up in 2007 by a group of horse riders in RCT to address the lack of horse riding provision.

The group works with various agencies including the local council, National Resources Wales and the British Horse Society to develop new and improve existing provision for horse riders in RCT.

Briars Bridleways is a constituted voluntary organisation. We encourage responsible riding and consideration to other users of public rights of way.

We also have regular events, such as fun rides, showjumping and dressage clinics.


Briars Bridleways Trail

Briars Bridleways Trail is a 14 mile route developed by Briars Bridleways in conjunction with RCT CBC, The Forestry Commission & Merthyr RCT Groundwork Trust. The trail is route marked from start to finish.


The route runs from Barry Sidings Country Park in Hopkinstown Pontypridd to Dare Valley Country Park In Aberdare. The Brynfynnon Pub is located approximately half way along the route where riders can stop for refreshments and horses can be left safely in the coral that is located to the side of the pub.


Parking is free in both Barry Sidings and Dare Valley Country Park

Further information can be found on the route leaflet Briars Leaflet

Detailed map of the route is available via email
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