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ROUKM – win a saddle

The full details and terms and conditions for this year’s Ride Out UK Month competitions can now be found online here:
The competitions are:
1.       Highest individual fundraiser – 18 years and over
2.       Highest individual fundraiser – under 18 years
3.       Highest group fundraiser
4.       Most kilometres during Ride Out UK Month*
5.       Photography challenge – #RIDEOUTUK

The winner of each competition will be awarded with a Thorowgood saddle of their choice (worth up to £645) and fitted by a qualified SMS saddler. Please visit the website above for further details.

Felling Notice

Due to felling, access around the area Pystyll Golau, near road to the pub is restricted for next few months.

Position Available at Next AGM on 5th April 2018

Information on the role of the Chair:-
  • The role of the chair would be to be a figure head of the group, the go to person if there’s problems, a person of good standing and that’s diplomatic as on times you have to deal with sensitive issues that you may get backlash from.
  • Confidentially is a quality you need, as you do get told things in confidence and be expected not to gossip about it.
  • Just remember you represent a group and must be transparent with financial matters and not embroiled in any personal issues that could affect your standing in the group
  • Not everyone will like you and decisions you make for the benefit of the group won’t go down well with some people but you have to be thick skinned and not react to them calling you over.
  • You sometimes may have to represent the group at events and may have to do a presentation of what we stand for and attend sessions for funding with certain bodies. You will need to be prepared to complete funding applications forms and meet with various people eg Briars was set up as an access group so on times it may require meeting with landowners or RCT to resolve an issue
  • In a more formal meeting, the chairperson will outline the purpose of the meeting and remind members why they are there, Such as the AGM. The chairperson of a committee is responsible for the smooth running of meetings, allowing all members to have their say,. a good chairperson will do the following:
  • The chair controls the meeting.
  • Follow the order set out in the agenda and Keep discussion focused on the item as set by the agenda
  • Make sure that a decision has been reached before going onto the next item on the agenda
  • Members do not interrupt each other. (never happens at Briars) Allow everyone to speak and be heard
  • Make sure a record of all decisions is kept. The secretary will distribute minutes the chair sometimes have to chase these up and all minutes and agendas have to be kept on the generic email that is shared for audit purposes.
  • Highlight important points.
  • Assist the secretary if necessary.
  • Clarifyany misunderstanding
  • Members aim to reach a consensus.
  • A vote is taken if consensus is not reached.
  • When discussion is underway, it is the chairperson’s responsibility to ensure that it continues to flow smoothly by involving all members present and by not permitting one or two people to dominate the meeting.  (Difficult with our members to regain control)
  • Summarizing by the chairperson during meetings can:
  • The chairperson should pace the meeting, ensuring it runs to time.
  • At the end of a meeting, the chairperson should remind members what they have achieved and thank them for their contributions.  Finally, the time and date of the next meeting should be arranged.
  • Between committee meetings
  • Know of all work that committee are doing so that he/she is well informed about all matters that may arise at committee meetings
  • Keep in touch with other committee members and how their work is coming along, which means supporting people, not ordering them about
  • Meet with the secretary to arrange and draw up the agenda to be discussed at meetings and ensure minutes are properly drafted and issued prior to the next meeting.

Ride Out UK Month sponsored by Thorowgood

Thorowgood logo Guidelines

Ride Out UK Month sponsored by Thorowgood

Volunteer at Badminton

 The BHS has been given the honour of being  the Charity of the Year at Badminton Horse Trials which runs from Wednesday 2 May to Sunday 6 May 2018.
Each Charity of the Year Volunteer will be given a ticket to Badminton in return for helping for half a day. Please note that regrettably  travel expenses are not refundable.
Lots of details as to who will be doing what exactly are yet to be determined but as a starter for ten the BHS would just like to know if you would like to help, on what day/s, at what time/s and whether you have an area of expertise that you would like to be utilised i.e. Access, Safety, Welfare etc. or would just like to be a general volunteer. The BHS cannot guarantee that you will get the day/s, time/s that you submit but we are giving you first option before we directly target a wider audience.
There are two ways to apply to be a volunteer at Badminton. Either complete the attached form or complete the answers below and either  forward the email or send the form to
Volunteers with a specific area of expertise may be assigned to one of our designated areas i.e. Safety, Access, Welfare, Education
Volunteers who are Accredited Professional Coaches may be assigned to helping with the mechanical horse
Time slots are estimated to be: MORNING – 8/9am – 12/1pm, AFTERNOON – 12/1pm-4/5pm or LATER 2/3pm-6/7pm. It is anticipated that if you volunteer for the LATER time, you will be allocated to the car parks to hand out Dead Slow car stickers in return for a donation from visitors leaving the event.
  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Tel:
  • Mobile:
  • Do you have a specific area of expertise (Yes/No)?
  • What is your area of expertise (Access/Safety/Welfare etc)?
  • Are you an Accredited Professional Coach (Yes/No)?
  • Please state what day/s and time/s you would like to volunteer.
  • Add any comments:
 Once you have sent your information, you will be contacted a bit nearer the time with confirmation of details, your ticket and who you are to report to and at what time. Many thanks in advance of any help and support you are able to give the BHS Volunteering at Badminton.

Access & Rights of Way Training

The BHS are finalising dates and venues for 2018 access and rights of way training and bookings will soon be available on the usual page here:
BHS volunteers, members, EAGs, British Riding Clubs and members of the British Driving Society can all book onto training half price for £5.00 – please enter the following code when booking to apply the discount: