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Popular riding and carriage driving route made safe thanks to collaboration

An article published by the BHS for an access issue. A big thank you to Michelle Bracey and others for raising awareness for access issues and getting it sorted so it’s safe for riders. The link to the article is below;

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New Access Issue Cefnpennar

A new issue has arisen in Cefnpennar Mountain Ash where access to the mountain has been blocked.  NRW have installed barriers and kissing gates.  I have written to NRW, the local MP and R.C.T about this and will post further information as when I have updates. A large number of you have commented on the FB page which is really helpful.

Latest update 30/10/2017…letter received from NRW confirming new gates installed to stop motor bike access but agreed they will review this upon an application to RCT to upgrade to a Bridleway.. application in progress